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Welcome to Paradigm Paint Solutions Online

Paradigm Paint Solutions is a Charlotte, NC based Painting and Coating Solutions Company specializing in high quality, professional paint and coating solutions at affordable prices. Centrally located in the heart of the Carolinas, we bring commercial-quality work to Carolina homeowners using a system we have perfected in hospital environments over more than 20 years of service as part of the NORTEK Construction family of residential and commercial construction services.

Recognizing the need for our level of high quality painting services in the home, we have established Paradigm Paint Solutions as a division of NORTEK Construction so that we may bring the same level of quality and professionalism that is required in the healthcare industry to the homes of the Carolinas.

Our unique, time-tested system will ensure that your experience with Paradigm Paint Solutions will be superior in every way: we will go to greater lengths than anyone else in the field to reduce the presence of irritants in your home during the refinishing process and to leave you with a finished product that reflects the attention to detail that you deserve.As a home owner who cares deeply about your home, you deserve no less than The Paradigm Paint Solution.

We are actively servicing the greater Charlotte, NC area and beyond. Contact Us today at 704.791.4017 to schedule a free estimate for your interior or exterior painting and coating needs, and see the difference that Paradigm Paint Solutions can make for you!